Tom Rayborn - Pastor

Tom was born and raised in Alton, IL, the son of school teachers who invested much in the community.  In 1978 the Lord graciously saved Tom from a life of outward rebellion and open sin.  By the grace and power of God, Tom's life was radically changed from one who loved sin to one who loves Jesus Christ and desires to worship and serve Him.

Tom married the love of his life, Sue Ellen, in 1979.  

Tom sensed a call to gospel ministy in early 1979, which was confirmed by the leadership at the church he attended at the time.  Tom attended and graduated from Central Bible College with a BA in Bible in 1982.  The Lord was pleased to put Tom in a business environment for 28 years while continuing to allow Tom to teach the Bible, preach occassionally, evangelize and disciple other men.

Tom was ordained as an Elder in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) in 1997 and served in that capacity in the PCA for almost 20 years.  Tom was Licensed for ministry in the PCA in 2012.   In 2013, the Lord allowed Tom to retire and complete his Masters of Divinity studies which he has started a few years earlier.  He received his MDiv in 2015.  Having a desire to plant a church in Alton, IL he and Sue Ellen attended Church Planter Assessment and Church Planter Training through the PCA in the Spring of 2016.

Because of a change of doctrine in the area of baptism, Tom was unable to continue with formal ministry in the PCA and left the PCA in good standing at the end of 2016.  Tom holds to believers-only baptism.

Redeeming Grace Church had its first worship service on March 5, 2017.  We continue to meet in our home at 3030 Brown Street in Alton, IL.  As the Lord leads, we would like to meet in a public location.

In February 2017 Christ Fellowship Bible Church brought Tom on staff as an Intern to learn from their experiences of planting CFBC and to serve the body there.  That internship was completed at the end of December 2017.  The Elders at CFBC continue to graciously provide off-site Elder support, accountability, prayer, counsel and help.  Tom also regularly does outreach with the CFBC family and teaches and preaches there on occassion.

Tom and Sue Ellen have four grown children and 14 grandchildren.  Tom loves to spend time with his family, enjoy the outdoors, preach, evangelize, see the gospel go forth to the salvation of the lost.


Geoffrey R. Kirkland - Elder-Shepherd

Geoff grew up in St. Louis and then moved to LA to go to the Master's College. God saved Geoff in 2001. Geoff loves studying, preaching, and discipling men in the truth of the Word. But most of all, Geoff's passion is to shepherd his wife, Elizabeth, and five children: Hezekiah, Tikvah, Emunah, Kesed, and Ahavah. Geoff is a graduate of The Master's College (BA), The Master's Seminary (MDiv and ThM), and Baptist Bible Seminary (PhD).


Randy Kirkland - Elder-Shepherd

Randy has served at CFBC since mid-2011 when it began and has faithfully taught the Word, shepherded a CARE group, discipled men, and engaged in regular evangelistic outings with the flock. Randy is committed to shepherding the flock of God and teaching the truth of God's Word so as to protect the Church from false doctrine. Randy is married to Dianne and they have one son.